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When deciding, don’t take our word for it, ask around, find out from people who have been to the providers themselves who they recommend or drop for a no-obligation chat with our audiology team and you will quickly see why our clients recommend us.

Genuine expertise to their hearing profession and all its care

I was given a consultation to come and see Mike after been introduced to him and right from that first meeting I felt comfortable with him. After discussing my hearing deficient, I felt that my need was met while speaking with Mike Carter.

Without any hesitation, I called the company. My appointment was made with the wonderful receptionist Marissa.

From there on the total experience from start to stop is memorable. Which is why I am informing as many as I can about the company.

Finding their place of business and the access for parking was so easy to find on Lincoln Rd. Which made my first visit welcoming.

Micheal Carter, Marissa and the rest of the Total Hearing team, I thank you so very much as the cost of my brand new Hearing Aids (and they came with a remote control) never burnt a hole in my senior citizen pocket, it didn’t even smoulder. Everything is very very affordable. I can also continue with my Christmas Plans.

Just call them and make your apointment – you will not be disappointed.

Once again a huge thank you – these are my well overdue Christmas gift!

Jocelyne Hansen

My name is Carole Kennedy Spencer and I moved to Thames from Auckland on 27th January 2016. I had already purchased Hearing Aids in Auckland,they were expensive and after two or three months I stopped wearing them as they did not work!

After I had been in Thames for a month my friends got really sick of me saying “sorry didn’t hear that,what? can’t hear you etc etc” and they stopped inviting me to parties and functions as it drove them mad that I couldn’t hear.!!

I saw the sign for TOTALHEARING CARE IN SEALEY ST and made an appointment.THIS APPOINTMENT WITH TOTAL HEARING CARE CERTAINLY CHANGED MY LIFE FOR THE BETTER!!!! I I was seen by Mike Carter the owner and he spent over an hour discussing hearing aids,what happened when people started losing their hearing and the effect on the rest of the body.No one else had ever done this and I was enthralled! here was a man who really cared and was not just there to sell me a hearing aid.I was fitted with my hearing aids,two weeks free trial with no payment until we were both happy that the hearing aids were the right ones. As many free visits as I needed if I felt I had to talk to Mike.

My hearing aids are perfect and I cannot tell you the difference this has made to my life –I CAN HEAR!!!! what a wonderful experience after being deaf for so long. We have all become very firm friends and Karen the lovely and caring Receptionist and I have become great friends mostly because of our love for animals and we have a lot in common in other areas.



Carole Kenedy-Spencer

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