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About Hearing Aids

Do you want to buy a new set of hearing aids?

We are completely independent and answerable only to our clients

At Total Hearing Care, we are completely independent, we are not governed by aggressive manufacturing sales targets, and provide our clients with a range of brands and technology options to suit their needs and budget.

Styles Of Hearing Aids

Advances in Hearing Aid Technology means you now have more choice and features than ever before

Depending on your hearing loss and requirements, you may have a choice between a number of different syles of hearing aids.

Managing and Maintaining

Ensuring your hearing aids are well maintained minimises the need for repairs and prolongs their performance and life

Hearing aids can represent a significant investment, providing a vital connection to friends and loved ones, so to make sure you are getting the most from your hearing aids, for as long as possible.

What Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Hearing aids range in price depending on application and technology requirements…

We know the role hearing aids play in transforming people’s lives and believe that everyone should be able to access affordable hearing devices. That is why our hearing aid prices are among the best in New Zealand.

We are committed to the best interest of our clients, we have a holistic approach and are open, transparent and always take the time to ensure our clients understand their options.

When deciding, don’t take our word for it, ask around, find out from people who have been to the providers themselves who they recommend or drop for a no-obligation chat with our audiology team and you will quickly see why our clients recommend us.

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